02 December 2020,   11:33
Giorgi Gakharia meets with his Armenian colleague

Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, being on an official visit in Armenia, met with his Armenian colleague Nikol Pashinyan. The official ceremony took place at Governmental House of the Armenian Republic in honoring of Georgian Prime Minister. Gakharia and Pashinyan held a face-to-face meeting. They talked about friendly neighborly relations and cooperation in different spheres.

“We have a great responsibility - it is our history and our ancestors who have built the friendship between our two nations. I would like once again to say that the Georgian Government is ready to work harder to make the Georgian-Armenian relations more efficient for the welfare of every citizen. Although we have good relations at present, we can further develop the relations to bring more benefit to people including in economy, constructions, infrastructure, culture, sport and other spheres”, - said the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister of Armenia thanked the Georgian colleague for the official visit.
"I am pleased to note that relations between the two countries are improving in all areas. As prime minister during my year and a half, I would like to point out the highest achievement of Armenian-Georgian relations, which I think will be further enhanced by our joint work", - noted Pashinyan.
The face-to-face meeting then continued in an expanded format with participation of the governmental members of the delegations of Georgia and Armenia.