28 October 2020,   04:16
There are complex and existential challenges within the country - Grigol Liluashvili

Grigol Liluashvili, who has been nominated the new head of Georgia’s State Security Service, is addressing parliament’s Defence and Security Committee. Before the lawmakers questions, Liluashvili presented his views.
He spoke about the crisis in the world in terms of security and said that it’s affecting Georgia as well. Liluashvili stressed the importance of effective work of the State Security Service.
"The unfavorable situation in the world and in the region does not work well for the security situation in our country. Armed conflicts, civil strife, and various crisis processes clearly demonstrate how fragile the security environment around Georgia is. Inside the country, there are difficult and in some cases existential, challenges. That’s why it is important to continue the efficient operation of our service and carry out various activities with maximum results.
The main goal of the State Security Service of Georgia is to protect the country"s national security, freedom, independence and democracy. Therefore, the activities of the Service are mainly aimed at early identification of threats, their prevention and elimination", - said Liluashvili.