14 August 2022,   12:44
Dutch company Van Oord has purchased 4% shares of Anaklia Development Consortium

The Government allowed the Anaklia Development Consortium to sell its shares to Dutch company Van Oord.

This company purchased 4% shares of Consortium for USD 5 million. Van Oord carried out maritime works to deepen the bottom of the port Anaklia Port.

Together with the Van Oord, the Anaklia Development Consortium has also presented another possible investor to the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure - Meridian. The agency has until October 29th to make its final decision.
The Minister of Economy once again spoke about extending the deadline for the Anaklia Consortium.
“The Government again made an unprecedented decision and gave the investor another chance to postpone the contract by the end of the year. Therefore, we hope that the investor will concentrate on fulfilling these obligations precisely at the end of the year.
The port of Anaklia is so important to us that more delays are unacceptable. It seems that they want to transfer this issue to the political plane. Instead of being focused on fulfilling their core responsibilities in 24 hours mode", - said the Minister of Economy Natia Turnava.