25 January 2021,   14:20
I appeal to the clergy not to make premature statements regarding the Easter liturgy - Andria Jagmaidze

The spokesperson of the Patriarchate Deacon Andria Jagmaidze urges clergymen not to make statements about the Easter Liturgy.

“The main issue is safety. There is a time before Easter to decide how the liturgy will take place.

The situation is constantly changing. We are in contact with the government and are trying to be adequate and careful.

The Patriarchate is not going to share the information regarding the service just yet. We will follow all the instructions issued by the Government. I will not rule out the possibility to bring the processes into the yards of the temples, where people will be able to stand at a distance… All those who believe they will get infection in the church are blessed not to go to church”, - said Deacon Andria Jagmaidze.