18 September 2021,   11:04
We do not have serious patients in our center anymore - Marina Ezugbaia

We do not have serious patients in our center anymore. Such a statement made today the clinical Director of Tbilisi Infectious Hospital. According to Marina Ezugbaia, the epidemic situation in Georgia is under full control.

“The emergence of new source caused concerns that the situation could become unmanageable, however, current data shows that everything remains under control.

As I know, the contacts of the so-called “Saburtalo Cluster” are sizable, but everyone has been detected, were put into quarantine and are being checked.

When the symptoms emerge during the 14-day quarantine, whether it is temperature, cough, or respiratory failure, the contacts in question will be tested immediately. Otherwise, the testing will be done at the end of the quarantine in order to have the right assessment of the degree of infection. In this case, the PCR tests will be used alongside with serologic check. Due to these two methods, we will have a quite low risk of overlooking the infected patient”, - said Marina Ezugbaia.