26 January 2021,   14:01
Special operation in Varketili – the man, who was shooting in Varketili, surrendered to the police

The man, who was shooting spree from one of the blocks of apartments in Varketili district, surrendered to the police. Such a statement made Vazha Siradze, the Head of Patrol Police Department of Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Police detained an armed man locked in the house. It took several hours of negotiations for the man to hand himself over to law enforcement.

According to Siradze, no one was injured and the person is in a very drunken state.

“After the talks, the person left the house and surrendered. He was under influence of alcohol and is provided by First Medical Aid”, - added the Head of Patrol Police Department of MIA.

The drunk man locked himself in his house and fired several shots. As it known he has a restraining order.