26 January 2021,   13:28
Paata Imnadze urges citizens to wear a face mask

COVID-19 changed people’s lifestyle, caused a lot of discomforts including wearing a face mask. Such a statement made today the Deputy Head of the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health.

According to Paata Imnadze, the “wearing a face mask will reduce the risk of contracting the virus”.

“This disease has shown that it can be asymptomatic, so we do not know in advance who is sick and who is not. Therefore, we should wear a face covering”, - concluded the Deputy Head of NCDC.

He also talked about the use of air conditioners. As Imnadze said, unless there is solid evidence that the air conditioner does not pose a risk, the Government will not be able to recommend its use on transport and public places: “But the ban does not apply to all air conditioners. Nobody said not to use the air conditioner at home, we are talking about the use of air conditioners in public places, which re-circulate indoor air”.