27 July 2021,   02:30
Government calls on the citizens to actively visit the hotels of the country

Along with the removal of restrictions caused by the pandemic, Government of Georgia is completing work on new regulations. The Prime Minister discussed specific criteria at a meeting with respective institutions of the country today, compliance with which is an essential precondition of re-opening the international tourism in Georgia.

Key priority of the Government of Georgia remains to be the protection of health among its citizens in the process of design and development of the criteria, so that the success achieved by the country in the fight with COVID-19 epidemic does not get jeopardized.

In addition, negotiations are actively pursued at the international level towards the identification of the so called safe destinations.

In line with the orders issued by Giorgi Gakharia, intensive communication is continued by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Economy, diplomatic corps of the country with member states of the EU for the resumption of tourism.

According to the statements made by the cabinet members, special priority is assigned to the domestic tourism on the backgrounds of the global pandemic, which will be resumed on June 15, 2020 and support of domestic tourism from each individual citizen has a great significance for the economy and tourism sector of the country.