01 December 2020,   20:17
Three persons detained on the fact of manufacturing and use of forged tax documents

As a result of operative-searching and investigative activities, employees of Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia detained three persons on the fact of manufacturing and use of forged tax documents.

Investigation revealed, that in one of the cases, the accused persons, on behalf of the companies actually owned by them, produced forged tax documents on the fictitious supply of wheat having Russian origin and value of which estimates GEL 310,539, thus creating a forged VAT asset of GEL 47,370 for their company, which was later used to cover current tax liabilities. In the second case, the accused person, on behalf of the companies under his management, fictitiously issued the mutual invoices through which the forged VAT asset amounting GEL 18 536 was created and used.

Investigation is underway under the first and second parts of Article 210 of Criminal Code of Georgia, which envisage imprisonment from 4 to 7 years.