24 September 2020,   05:09
Busa Zhvania to be charged while being in medical institution, Levan Topadze is still in resuscitation.

Levan Topadze, the grandson of businessman Gogi Topadze, is still in resuscitation.

According to the doctors, Levan Topadze has 4 stab wounds in the lung and neck area. He underwent surgery and his condition as stable.

Detained Busa Zhvania, the son of former Prime Minister, is in good health, although he has not been questioned yet. Investigators are about to arrive at Khechinashvili University Hospital. The investigative action, which envisages the procedure of filing a charge, will be carried out at the hospital. His family members confirmed the information.

Businessman Gogi Topadze’s grandson was wounded in Tbilisi yesterday. He has been hospitalised in Khechinashvili University Clinic. Police detained B.Zh. (DoB 1996) for causing severe health injury on purpose. Committed crime envisages from 3 to 6 years of imprisonment.

Investigation established that on August 2, on the basis of conflict, detainee inflicted several injuries with a cold steel to L.T. (DoB 1998) in his own house. The wounded person was transferred to the hospital where he underwent urgent surgery procedure.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of infliction of severe health injury on purpose, crime envisaged under the article 117, I part of the Criminal Code of Georgia.