23 September 2020,   17:31
Field infrastructure has already been arranged in Barja and Lenjeri villages – the MIA

Police forces continue to monitor restrictions imposed in the quarantine zone, Mestia municipality. The situation in the municipality is stable at the moment, citizens follow the imposed regulations and police instructions with high public responsibility.

Under the organization of various structural units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, field infrastructure has already been arranged in Barja and Lenjeri villages, Mestia municipality. In the mentioned areas, on the road connecting Zugdidi with Mestia, two tents were set up, allowing police and representatives of National Center for Disease Control to conduct special registration of citizens. Thermal screening of people entering and leaving Mestia Municipality is being held at the checkpoints. It is notable that access to the municipality is allowed only for locals, and in case of leaving, citizens are required to go through quarantine.

Personnel of the MIA continues to provide local population with comprehensive information one quarantine restrictions, as well as the visitors in the area to inform them with detailed information regarding the rules enacted in the quarantine zone, rendering assistance in case of necessity.

Under the organization of the structural units of the MIA and the regional command center set up in Svaneti, the citizens were evacuated from Mestia with their own vehicles. Police also escorted citizens to the direction of quarantine zones located in different regions with full compliance of safety norms. Assistance was also provided to the citizens without personal transport in Svaneti.

Employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs continue intensive patrolling activities for ensuring public order and security. Law enforcers continue to control the movement of citizens through checkpoints arranged on major roads.