23 September 2020,   16:50
1 - meter distancing to become mandatory in schools – the Ministry of Education established a protocol for schools

The Ministry of Healthcare, after about two months of intensive work with the Ministry of Education, completed working on the package of recommendations for schools.

According to Deputy Minister of Health Tamar Gabunia, maintaining a 1-meter distance in schools will become mandatory.

“The main principles for a safe learning environment have mainly 3 directions, which are:

using personal protective equipment;
using face masks;
keeping distance and adhering to sanitary-hygienic norms.

Detailed recommendations in each of these areas provided. Let me share some of them - 1 meter is the minimum safe distance that must be maintained at the school. The use of face masks in the school environment will be mandatory for all visitors, staff, teachers and other persons, except pupils”, - said Gabunia.

She added that the current epidemiological situation is fully manageable and given the current situation, there is no need to postpone studies.