28 October 2021,   15:00
Kakheti police detained another person for the fact of violence in Pankisi valley

The officers of Kakheti Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, detained another person – A.B. (DoB 2002) for the fact of violence, that took place in Pankisi valley, on August 8 of the recent year. On the mentioned fact, yesterday, police detained I.P. (DoB 1998) on the basis of the relevant court decision in Akhmeta municipality.

Investigation established that on August 8, citizen (born in 1971) and his under-aged son were verbally and physically assaulted in the village of Kvareltskali. The reason for the conflict turned out to be the disagreement that started over the dressing style. Relevant forensic examinations have already been appointed on the mentioned fact. At this moment, investigative activities are underway in order to determine the legal responsibility of others involved in the mentioned fact.

Investigation is in progress on the fact of violence, article 126 of the Criminal Code of Georgia.