25 June 2022,   12:17
The Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Usage of the Administrative Resources during the 2020 Parliamentary Election

The Central Election Commission (CEC) of Georgia concluded the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Inter-Agency Commission and 13 local non-governmental organizations.

“This is an important memorandum. Besides the CEC and the Inter-Agency Commission, 13 non-governmental organizations have signed it and, we believe, this initiative and tradition supports the proper usage of the administrative resources; and both bolsters the uniform understanding of the process and improves the electoral environment at large,” said Tamar Zhvania after the signing ceremony.

The signatories of the memorandum agree on the usage of the corresponding legislature (namely, Articles 45, 48, and 49 of the Election Code) and, therefore, are going to use the aforementioned document while conducting given administrative and judicial proceedings.

“The signing of the memorandum has a significant meaning and serves not only the formation of mutual understanding but also the formation of electoral culture as such. The aforementioned act’s purpose, per agreed upon by the parties involved in the electoral processes, is to create an election atmosphere where each and every citizen can express his or her will freely,” noted Gocha Lordkipanidze, the Head of the Inter-Agency Commission.