25 June 2022,   12:35
Please, demonstrate high civic responsibility and abstain from making non-targeted calls to 112 service – the MIA

The Ministry of Internal Affairs releases the statement of the Public Safety Management Center - 112.

“112 is actively involved in the coronavirus management process and operates in emergency mode to ensure that every citizen receives timely and high quality services.

Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the center received an average of 13,000 calls within 24 hours, however, according to present results, operators respond to approximately 18,000 calls on the daily basis. Accordingly, additional shifts are mobilized to make rapid response to each call.

As mentioned above, 112 was entrusted with an important role in coronavirus management process. Each citizen can call 112 in case of having symptoms resembling to coronavirus. Messages related to the virus are classified by operators and acute cases are directed to the emergency medical center, while milder ones - to family doctors.

Despite the epidemic situation in the country, 112 responds to approximately 3,000 non-targeted and informational calls on the daily basis, which hinders the work process. Due to the mentioned, when every minute is crucial, those who are actually in need of help may not be able to contact us, leading to the formation of negative attitude from the side of the population towards the service.

As the number of infected citizens increases, so does the workload. 112 continues to operate in around-the-clock regime, under emergency regime, so that each citizen receives quality service, both in cases of emergency and in relation to the cases of infection.

112 Center would like to call on citizens, to demonstrate high civic responsibility and abstain from making non-targeted calls to 112 service.

Call only in case when you are in need of assistance from the side of patrol police, ambulance and fire- rescue services. Also, contact us as soon as developing symptoms resembling to coronavirus to seek appropriate consultation from family doctor.

112 is an emergency number, for questions related to COVID-9 and its management please contact the Government Hotline – 144”, - reads the statement.