25 June 2022,   10:57
Donald Trump, Joe Biden face off in final presidential debate

President Donald Trump squares off against Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Thursday in what promises to be a bruising final debate with less than two weeks left in their turbulent fight for the White House, writes NDTV.

The pair"s last televised showdown spiraled into an ugly confrontation marred by interruptions and name calling, prompting organizers to introduce mic-muting this time to try to keep things civil.

The debate in the southern city of Nashville fires the starting gun on the final sprint to the November 3 election in a deeply polarized and tense United States fearful the results will set off court battles and more protests.

Trump has stepped up his attacks on Biden, who national polls show leading the race, as he fights to hold on to the White House after four tumultuous years.

To cut down on the interruptions that marked the last debate, during the two minutes the candidates have to respond to the moderator’s questions only their mic will be live.