04 July 2022,   04:16
Prime Minister and clinic executives hold a regular meeting

In light of Georgia’s epidemiological situation, Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia, as part of coronavirus management, continues a series of intensive meetings with clinic executives.

Today, the Head of Government and Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze met with representatives of COVID clinics operating throughout Georgia, to discuss the number of available beds and mobilization of additional resources.

The Prime Minister was briefed in detail on the number of beds in each of said clinics, also on the measures taken by them since the last meeting to mobilize additional resources. Clinic executives’ views on ways to enhance flexibility and effectiveness were also considered.

The clinic executives reported that, in line with the plan announced at last week"s meeting, they made and continue to make available additional beds in both therapy and intensive care units. According to them, the situation is also under control at COVID hotels under each clinic’s therapeutic management. The meeting underlined that oxygen concentrates are actively supplied in sufficient numbers.

The meeting reiterated the importance of avoiding hospital sector overload, so that persons in urgent need of special medical services may not be left behind, to which end only severe cases should be hospitalized, and milder cases must be treated at home with active consultations with doctors, or at COVID hotels with enhanced therapeutic elements and continuous medical supervision.

As Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze stated during the meeting, a sufficient number of beds has been mobilized at COVID hotels. Equipped with oxygen concentrators, they are managed by the personnel of individual clinics in order to provide patients with easier access to necessary medical services.

Despite the difficult epidemiological situation in the country, the process is manageable and under control, the meeting pointed out.

Facemask use and social distancing remain the key preventive measures against virus transmission.

To ensure the effective management of the country"s epidemiological situation and relevant resources, a regular series of intensive meetings with clinic executives will continue in the future.