06 March 2021,   12:32
New scheme of regulations - what restrictions to be lifted from February 1

The gradual easting plan of COVID restrictions has been approved by the Inter-Agency Coordination Council. Decisions made today are based on the analysis of the current epidemic situation in the country and include cautious steps to make sure that stability achieved so far does not result in a significant increase of community transfer rate again.

Namely, restrictions will be gradually eased by taking into account the current epidemic situation from February 1, 2021:

1. Operation of the following will resumed in Batumi, Zugdidi, Gori, Poti and Telavi - municipal transport, schools, shops and malls;
2. Operation of the following will be resumed in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Rustavi - shops and malls from February 1, 2021; schools and municipal transport is anticipated from March 1, 2021 if the epidemic situation allows;
3. Open and closed markets in all cities of the country will resume operation from February 15, 2021.
4. Considering the fact that the average community transfer rate in a time span of 7 days is under 4% in Adjara, customers will be allowed to open spaces of eateries in Adjara from February 1, 2021. Current ban on wedding parties and events of various social nature will remain valid.
5. Restaurants and eateries in other regions, including those at hotels, will operate as currently restricted - via take-away and delivery services.
6. Kindergartens will resume operation, along with vocational training and higher education institutions as currently intended from March 1, 2021 and students will thus be allowed to auditoriums.