27 June 2022,   09:44
Global Alliance for Food Security launched

The G7 Development Ministers agreed today to launch a Global Alliance for Food Security as a way to combat the hunger crisis that is threatening the world.

Federal Development Minister Svenja Schulze had proposed such an alliance at the Spring Meeting of the World Bank and had received support for her proposal from World Bank President Malpass.

Following this G7 decision, the aim now is to recruit other partners for the alliance in order to deliver a swift, effective and sustainable joint response to the food crisis triggered by Russia’s war of aggression.

“Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine has dramatically exacerbated the global food situation. The worst famine since the Second World War is threatening. Because of that we need to take determined and concerted action and ensure that grain supplies quickly reach the people facing famine. However, we also want to ensure that structures are permanently altered in such a way that developing countries are more able in future to be self-sufficient, instead of being dependent on the global market. The Global Alliance for Food Security that I have proposed together with the World Bank President David Malpass now has the support of the G7. But that is just the start. The Alliance is open to all who want to work with us on developing solutions. The involvement of the World Bank will help us achieve a sustained impact with this Alliance."

In addition to the World Bank, the G7 and the EU Commission, the Alliance is already supported by the UN Global Crisis Response Group, Norway, Denmark, the African Union, the UN World Food Programme and the International Fund for Agricultural Development. The Alliance is also open to the private sector and to civil society organisations”, - Schulze said.