05 December 2022,   09:14
We speak honestly: winter will be difficult, but we are working to be ready – Zelensky

Winter will be difficult, but we are working to be ready, said the President of Ukraine in his video address.

“Today I want to celebrate the personnel of the operative-strategic group “Oleksandriya” for creating conditions for a successful offensive, for planning and preparing active actions in the Kherson region. Those of our actions that already yield a tangible result. And there will be more.

I had a very substantive meeting in the afternoon regarding our preparations for the winter season. We are fully aware of all risks. And we know that the occupiers are also... preparing for winter.

At all levels of government, scenarios are being worked out to protect people. We speak honestly: winter will be difficult. But in order to endure it, we accumulate gas, coal and everything else that is necessary. We are working to be ready.

And it is important that our partners approach this period with the same preparedness.

The more we do together now to bring peace closer, the more we cooperate and put pressure on Russia, the safer this winter can be for all of us in Europe”, - said Volodymyr Zelensky.