03 February 2023,   20:23
GeoStat presents an interactive portal “Statistics for Kids and Teenagers” for the students of Rustavi public schools

The National Statistics Office of Georgia presented an interactive portal - “Statistics for Kids and Teenagers” - for the students of Rustavi public schools.

The interactive portal was developed with the financial and technical support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and aims to produce and disseminate statistical data in easily understandable forms for children, as well as to provide them with access to statistical data.

“The new portal allows children and teenagers to get useful information about the socio-economic and demographic situation of the country through modern tools of data visualization. The portal will significantly help kids and teenagers to deepen their knowledge in statistics, improve their ability to perceive and analyze information correctly, become more aware of children"s rights and make evidence-based decisions”, - said According to Gogita Todradze, Executive Director of Geostat.

“I am very glad to launch the web portal with the municipality of Rustavi and with Geostat today. This web portal is very important because it’s very much linked to the rights of the children of Georgia. Through this web portal, the children and young people will be able to understand what their rights are and also, what are the rights that are not fully implemented in the society. So, this is a crucial tool for children and young people to understand the rights, to demand them and to defend them”, - added Ghassan Khalil, UNICEF Representative in Georgia.

The portal - Statistics for Kids and Teenagers consists of two main sections: “Statistics for Kids” and “Statistics for Teenagers”.