23 January 2022,   13:11
Police interrogated pupils and teachers of the school # 51

According to the "Kurieri", law enforcers interrogated pupils and teachers of public school # 51. There were several surveillance cameras installed on the way from school to Khorava street where pupils had a quarrel. According to "Kurieri", the law enforcers have removed the records.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs launched investigation into premeditated murder. According to "Kurieri", no one has been arrested yet.

According to the information obtaned by "Kurieri",today"s confrontation was caused by a dispute yjat had place in Vere district several days ago.

Two juveniles were wounded with a cold weapon on Khorava Street today. One of them was transferred to the Republican Hospital, while the second one died before being hospitalized..

Conflict between 11th graders and their peers, presumably, began in the school # 51. Eyewitnesses say that up to 15 teenagers participated in the fight.

The doctors of the republican hospital are trying to save the life of the wounded eleventh grader.