23 May 2024,   17:00
When the policeman"s guilt is established, the issue of his responsible comes up- MIA on detention of police officers

The Ministry of Internal Affairs. commented on the fact of detention of two police officers accused of abuse of official authority by the Prosecutor"s Office.
Beka Dochvishvili, the Director of the Legal Department of the MIA says that the General Inspection actively cooperates with the Prosecutor"s Office.

"The General Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is actively cooperating, because my goal is to find out the truth not to leave any question unanswered. Generally the unconditional accusation of the policeman is unjustifiable, but the fact reveals that when the policemen are found guilty, the issue of their responsibility comes up, "- said Beka Dochvishvili, Director of the Legal Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.