22 May 2024,   00:36
Special Operation was necessary and conducted at highly professional level - Sozar Subari speaks about Pankisi special operation

"The special operation was necessary and conducted at highly professional level. I have my idea of what is going on, but I will not comment on this now , because before the investigation is not finished, it will not be right to comment on it, " said the Minister of Refugees in connection with a special operation in Pankisi.
According to government members, the fight against terrorism is a major challenge.

"The contribution of the special services is very big, they are involved in this fight and they are doing everything to protect the safety of every citizen and Georgia, including the safety of those people who are very worried about the death of their family member. Naturally, the loss of any young person is very painful not only for the family but also for the country but this pain begins when people can have some connection with terrorism. That is why it is necessary to fight terrorism so that such young people do not engage in such activities, "- Sozar Subari said.