30 November 2023,   04:57
According to audit`s conclusion, detained Giorgi Chanturia donor of "Georgian Dream

Mikheil Tatarashvili, the head of the former job of Giorgi Chanturia states that Chanturia left his post shortly before. Giorgi Chanturia was deputy head of the State Accounting and Recruiting Service in Rustavi City Hall.

"Giorgi Chanturia resigned from his position on January 3 of the current year and I do not have any information about his shares, his business and so on, and I do not know very well about Giorgi . That I do not have any information, " said the head of Rustavi Military Accounting Service who was the former boss of Mikheil Tatararadze.

In addition, according to the audit report, Giorgi Chanturia was one of the "Georgian Dream" donors. He donated to the party 24 thousand GEL.

Giorgi Chanturia was interrogated as a witness on the murder of General Kutateladze and then detained for illegally keeping the cartridges. In search of his parents" house, law enforcers seized 9 cartridges of Makarov"s weapon.