25 June 2024,   09:18
Giorganashvili"s verdict confirms that current drug policy is repressive - NGOs

Actor Giorgi Giorganashvili"s verdict confirms that drug policy in the country is repressive and it should be changed urgently - this statement is made by NGO representatives.

The civil sector calls on legislative body to review the relevant legislation in an accelerated manner. They speak about the influence of the Patriarchate on the verdict.

" The positions of the majority coincides with the position that the Patriarchate talks about. This certainly strengthens the suspicion that the statements made by the representatives of the Patriarchate have a certain impact. But here the main issue is that responsibility is on the existing policy and its recklessness is not on the Patriarchate, but on the government, "said Sulkhan Saladze, chairperson of" GYLA ".

Guram Imnadze, lawyer for the Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center, focuses attention on the unfairness of the law and emphasizes that it is shared by the judge.