17 June 2024,   04:54
Tbilisi Mayor estimates condition of the kindergarten buildings

"As soon as we started to work, we started to study kindergarten buildings"- said Kakha Kaladze, the Tbilisi Mayor while speaking on the condition of Kindergarten buildings in Tbilisi today. About 900 children from four kindergartens will be distributed to eleven kindergartens.

The 125th, 84th, 64th and 19th kindergartens were closed on the basis of the Samkharauli National Bureau"s conclusions last week.

According to Tbilisi Mayor, after studying the conditions of the buildings, the immediate reaction was followed by the City Hall.

"It took some time to study all kindergartens. When we received a full conclusion, we made an immediate decision. we will start rehabilitation very soon and children will be able to return to their gardens," Kaladze said.