28 November 2023,   13:01
Giorgi Jokharidze, Head of Company "KvarelMsheni" learned about incident in the metro station from social network

" KvarelMsheni" is the company, that has carried out the repair work in the metro station " Varketili" . Reportedly his founders are linked to the ruling team. Company representatives have not made any explanations yet.

Miranda Phiranishvili, the spouse of the head and founder of the company "KvarelMheni", Giorgi Jokharidze says that her husband learned about the incident through the social network and went to "Varketil" metro station.

Miranda Phiranishvili states that she can not reach Giorgi Jokharidze and does not know whether he is in the investigative body or was contacted by the Tbilisi City Hall after the ceiling crash.