18 July 2024,   06:57
So called "case of jackets - Prosecutor"s Office submitted the written evidence to the court

The Prosecutor"s Office has submitted written evidence at the city court session on the so called " case of jackets ".

Within two hours the prosecution sought to convince the judge that the third president of Georgia and the former head of his administration had unreasonable expenditures of budgetary funds.

The defense thinks that the prosecution"s evidence is not enough to prove the charge and calls the case politically motivated.

"Evidence has been investigated today, as it was confirmed that Otar Kvelidze"s administration was spending money and we know that Otar Kvelidze is a witness in this case. Consequently, we can make a clear conclusion, after each process, that politically motivated selective justice is being conducted which does not have any legal basis, "Beka Basilaia said.