07 October 2022,   15:59
In case anything happenes to any employee of "Rustavi 2" , the responsibility lies with the government - Gvaramia

"Today, there was a criminal attack at the building of Rustavi 2, which was organized by the so-called" Georgian Marsh", which does not represent either Christian power or Georgia"s interests. This is a violent aggressive group with Russian orientation finaced by Russia that occasionally and systematically commits criminal offenses,

"Rustavi-2 general director Nika Gvaramia assessed the attack on the TV Company when Giorgi Gabunia and the company lawyer were illegally deprived of their freedom.

"According to our estimation, there was an unlawful restriction of liberty which is a serious crime and we demand that the government punish the individuals and organizers of the offense strictly in criminal manner", Gvaramia said.

He also thanked the patrol police, stressing that it is necessary to punish the perpetrators. According to him, if these people are not punished, the response of , law enforcement officials will not be considered adequate.

Nika Gvaramia addressed the government and talked about the responsibility of creating a safe environment for journalists.