02 October 2022,   10:20
" We have to adopt statement which will make Russia implement the ceasefire agreement" -Janelidze"s response to Karasin

The Georgian side responds to Grigory Karasin. According to the Foreign Minister of Georgia, the country took a commitment on non-use of force in 2010 , However, Russia has yet to make a similar step. Mikheil Janelidze says in reply to Karasin that it is more important to agree on the common statement then to sign a document.

"Negotiations on the text of the statement are not over yet. Negotiations will continue in the next round next week and we will work together with our partners in order to receive a statement that will serve our goals, state interests, and of course it will be aimed at Russia to fulfil its obligations under the ceasefire agreement, "Mikheil said. Janelidze.

The Russian side declares that a common declaration on non-use of force is being prepared , which should be signed by Russia, Georgia, Abkhaz and Ossetian separatists and other parties involved in the negotiations.