05 December 2023,   02:21
Official Tbilisi for Peace - Prime Minister offers certain privileges to population living in the occupied regions

The official Tbilisi offers a new initiative to Tskhinvali and Sokhumi to restore confidence in the occupied regions and to accelerate the reconciliation process. Among them is business, education and closer relations with the EU. The 3-point plan of the government offers all the privileges enjoyed by all citizens of Georgia to the population of the territories occupied by Russia.

The Prime Minister voiced a new initiative at the government session and tried to explain to citizens living in the occupied regions that the program will help not only trade, but also allow the population to cross the Russian occupation line and travel to the EU countries visa free.

Whether or not this issue with Moscow has been discussed by the State is not known, The Minister for Reconciliation Issues did not comment on the peace initiative.

The government responds to the peacekeeping program and the parliamentary opposition positively assesses it. However, even in parallel, official Tbilisi will continue political pressure on Moscow by the help of international partners.