17 May 2022,   12:15
Noise at Sakrebulo session - "UNM" requests Gela Chiviashvili to resign

The National Movement requested to raise the issue of responsibility of high officials of City Hall at Sakrebulo session. The session is underway on the background of noisy debates. Opposition demands that Gela Chiviashvili, head of the City Hall"s Health and Social Services Municipal Service resigns.

According to the member of "National Movement" Levan Khabeishvili, the opposition has repeatedly informed about high-profile corruption cases, although the ruling team did not react.

He e also spoke about the difficult situation in the public school # 6 and complicated ecological environment in Bagebi..

"In connection with Gela Chiviashvili, when he was presented as head of the municipal service in the period of Davit Narmania, and later Kaladze , we said that this man was convicted of fraud in 2011. This man has acknowledged his guilt regarding the embezzlement of the budget funds, it is dangerous to give this person
the position. In a few months we see that the funds allocated for this service have been embezzled.. Everything has gone wrong. The funds allocated for people with disabilities have been misappropriated and today the criminal proceedings are being carried out against three employees of his municipal service Is not it the reason for this man to leave his position? "Said Levan Khabeishvili, member of Sakrebulo faction" National Movement ".