22 May 2024,   17:43
Getting loans in Georgia becomes complicated - business representatives are waiting for negative results

Half a million people will have problems connected with borrowing from the bank in Georgia. Electronic appliances stores are waiting for decrease of sales. For the third day, shopping centers have been selling selling equipment under the new regulations introduced in banks.

According to "Techno boom", 60 percent of their sales comes from credit sales, so it is supposed that the borrowing rules for the loan will create business problems. Construction companies are also expected to reduce sales.

The restrictions apply also to those whose income is confirmed. For example, if a citizen"s salary is 500 GEL, the monthly installment of the bank should not exceed 75 GEL. This limit is 200 GEL for individuals with income up to 500 thousand GEL. The National Bank criticizes the business ombudsman for strict regulations.

The availability of loans will be reduced to a large part of the population, as the loan paid without the revenue confirmation should not exceed 25% of the bank"s supervisory capital. Specialists say that setting regulation is too early and the process should be gradual.

The introduction of regulations in the NBG is explained by the consumer protection interests and with the support of healthy credit portfolio in banks.