18 June 2024,   23:45
Neo- fascists in Georgia - President said that any violence should be suppressed by the state

"Any violence or call for violence should be suppressed by the state" - the President of Georgia made a statement at the Polytechnic University.

The students asked Giorgi Margvelashvili whether the Neo- fascists groups were a threat and whether they were  managed by authorities.

According to the President of the country, when the state leaves such topics without response, it violates the rights of people in the same moment.

"Free nationals have freedom of expression and the freedom of expression is protected by the state., no matter whether the expressed idea is progressive or regressive. Every citizen has freedom of expression. Any violence or call for violence shall be suppressed by the State. At the moment when the state leaves these issues unattended, at that moment not only human rights are damaged but the end of the state begins, "said Margvelashvili.