20 January 2021,   05:31
"We cannot say that he is very experienced" - Kutsnashvili responds to Bakhtadze"s candidacy

"We can not say that he is very experienced because he has worked for a few months in the government but maybe it is necessary for the novelty," Zakaria Kutsnashvili said.

The member of the "Georgian Dream" states that Mamuka Bakhtadze is a sociable person and he proved it while working in the Ministry of Finance as well as while cooperating with the Parliament.

"Naturally, he has not had a long experience in the government. He is a few months old minister. But during this several-month as a minister he proved to be a good manager for the Ministry of Finance It is not difficult to communicate with this person, "Zakaria Kutsnashvili said.
Mamuka Bakhtadze was officially nominated as PM.