03 July 2022,   19:05
State security Plan: Explosion or Detention - Scandalous Interview of Malkhaz Machalikashvili

The father of Temirlan Machalikashvili killed during a special operation in the Pankisi Gorge made a scandalous statement claiming that he was offered a meeting with the Minister of Internal Affairs Giorgi Gakharia in a conspiratorial apartment.

According to Malkhaz Machalikashvili, the agent- provocateurs of the State Security met with him and told him that if he agreed to go to a secret apartment, Gakharia would tell him everything that he did not know about the murder of his son.

According to Machalikashvili, the explosives were kept in the apartment where he was supposed to go.

According to one of the versions, the explosives should have been exploded and they would say that he did it himself. In the second version, they would have charged him with an attempting to set up a terrorist attack.