23 July 2024,   19:08
"I am convinced that the process has been accelerated due to the film," - Zaza Saralidze met GPB board members


The Board of Trustees of the Georgian Public Broadcaster makes comments about the possible closure of the investigative department. According to them, this decision cannot be linked to the film, about a murder on Khorava street, which has just been aired by the GPB.
But Zaza Saralidze and authors of the journalistic investigation think otherwise. Zaza Sarlidze met with the members of the Board of Trustees. At the end of the meeting, he said that his position has not changed in regard to this issue.

"I am sure that this film has accelerated the process," Zaza Saralidze said.

After the meeting, the explanations were made by the board members. The deputy chairperson of the board says Zaza Saralidze has been informed about this issue and he knows, that further steps of the public broadcaster are not related to this film.