17 May 2022,   12:13
Whether there was an alarm signal has to be checked, the shaft management was questioned by the police

Sakhnakhshvili director left the Tkibuli police station after a 4-hour interrogation.

Employer whose 10 people died in the last three months,was particularly aggressive to journalists today.

Jambul Jakeli did not answer media questions and left the area in his own car.

The director of the enterprise makes contradictory statements.

According to his information, the alarm signal was launched shortly before the tragedy, after which urgent evacuation should have been started. In the same interview the director of the enterprise changed its own version.

"Gas is possible, even before the explosion ... is a sudden outbreak. I have not seen the signal, the signal should be examined on the spot The record will be. Everybody was there - the safety and mining experts , "- said Gia Karkashadze.