17 May 2022,   11:27
We need the relevant legislative framework - Prime Minister does not comment on the statement of Irakli Kobakhidze

Mamuka Bakhtadze does not comment on Irakli Kobakhidze"s statement. Despite the many questions of journalists, the Prime Minister does not want to speak about the claims expressed by the speaker towards his predecessor.

Mamuka Bakhtadze expressed his condolences to the families of the deceased in Tkibuli Shaft Prime Minister says that all the shafts will be sealed until investigation is fully completed. The authorities will also wait for the conclusion of international experts on the safety of work norms. According to Mamuka Bakhtadze, workers in this period will receive compensation.

" We made a decision that every shaft will be closed. Nothing is higher than the life of a human and a citizen. These shafts will be closed until the completion of the criminal investigation and international technical examination. At the same time, we will establish whether the company implemented the recommendations. We gave relevant instructions to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs,"- stated Mamuka Bakhtadze.