27 October 2021,   13:36
"I remain a member of the Georgian Dream" - Kumsishvili"s first comment after questioning at the Prosecutor"s Office

After questioning in the Prosecutor"s Office, former Vice-PM Dimitri Kumsishvili made the first comment to Courier.

According to Kumsishvili, investigation had several questions to him, but he did not link it with the project"Produce in Georgia" and also the tenders in his office.

"I was in the Prosecutor"s Office in a few days after leaving the post, the Prosecutor"s Office asked me to comment on several issues. Among them was the issue that was sent to the Prosecutor"s Office during my ministership and I can not tell you more about it, "Dimitri Kumsishvili said and added that he could not reveal more details because the investigator warned him about it.