25 July 2024,   05:21
The threat of the Russian president and MFA`s peaceful message - official Tbilisi responds to Moscow

The second aggressive statement of the Russian president and the peaceful message of the Foreign Ministry, Vladimir Putin, warns the West over the North Atlantic Alliance moving closer to Russia is a critical boundary.

The Russian president said that the West should take responsibility for the possible outcome of NATO membership of Georgia and Ukraine.

The Russian President"s first threat was followed by a written response from the President of Georgia. Giorgi Margvelashvili"s statement says that Georgia and NATO cooperation will contribute in the region.

The threat of the Russian leader was preceded by the statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry. In the exclusive interview with Rustavi 2, Lavrov"s special representative Maria Zakharova advised the Georgian politicians to be free from the influence of the West and make a pragmatic choice.

Official spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry said that Moscow as ready to remove all restrictions if the Georgian government had a political will.

Tbilisi received new messages from Moscow after the election of the new prime minister. Mamuka Bakhtadze"s foreign policy presented in the parliament also states that the government should have a rational policy with Moscow.

Prime Minister Bakhtadze did not reply to to Moscow today. The Prime Minister"s Special Representative for Relations with Russia has made a statement on behalf of the Georgian authorities. Zurab Abashidze makes several pre-conditions in exchange for restoring full-scale relations with Moscow.

Provocative is the statement of Maria Zaharova and Putin himself for the opposition. Opponents of the authorities say that in response to the repeated threats and warnings received from Moscow, Georgia has intensified its commitment to European integration.