22 May 2024,   18:30
"They have to find another place " - Kaladze on the demonstration of Saralidze and Machalikashvili


Kakha Kaladze threatens to sack fathers of murdered Saralidze and Machalikashvili from Rustaveli Avenue. According to Tbilisi Mayor, the New Year preparations will start from December 7in front of the parliament building and the Mayor"s office will act in accordance with the law.

According to Kaladze,Saralidze and Machalikashvili can find another place to hold a demonstration.

"We have also explained to them according to the law that it will be impossible to use this particular place because the City Hall is preparing for New Year events, they have the opportunity to find other places where New year celebrations will not be held," said Kakha Kaladze.