06 June 2023,   04:06
"Who was organizing destabilization the fathers of killed youngsters or the civil sector?" - Vashadze appeals to the Minister of Internal Affairs

It is alarming that we have seen criminal action from the government - Giorgi Vashadze, head of the presidential campaign, responds to developments on Rustaveli Avenue late last night .

Vashadze states that the government has become a criminal organization. He calls on the Mayor of the capital, according to which the fathers should leave the territory adjacent to the Parliament building due to the New Year"s preparation and installment of the Christmas tree. Vashadze responded to the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs and stated that Giorgi Gakharia"s statements are aimed at misleading the public about threats of destabilization and disorder.

"They violated Article 25 of the Constitution of Georgia, which guarantees freedom of assembly, violated Article 11 of the European Convention, which guarantees freedom of assembly and association and violates the Law of Georgia on Assembly and Manifestations. If anyone thinks that you are the law, it will not work in that country.

"We have heard the statement of the Minister of Internal Affairs, who talks about absurd issues, destabilization and some similar issues. Who was organizing destabilization, the fathers of killed youngsters or the civil sector?The answer in which the government is not interested in the constitution and the law, you will receive an adequate response from the public through elections.

"The Georgian Dream" has turned into a violater of law, "Vashadze said.