22 May 2024,   19:47
The Old Guards are in shape, the majority of the 2012 team will take part in this fight - Popkhadze


"Georgian Dream" continues to work in emergency mode for the second round of presidential elections. One more meeting in the party headquarters lasted until late last night.

Leaders of the parliamentary majority do not speak about the details of the meeting, but according to the current information, "Georgian Dream" now met with the representatives of the so -called old guards.

MPs do not mention the names but confirm that the old guards will definitely join the ruling party and the society will learn about it in the nearest future.

According to the representatives of the ruling team, everything should be done in order to ensure that Salome Zourabichvili and not the "National Movement" win in the elections.

The consultations in the "Georgian Dream" are likely to be held today.

"The old guard is in shape, a large part of the 2012 team will surely take part in this fight. Naming those people will not be correct. Because it"s a very big list and I do not want to leave anyone out, "- said Gedevan Popkhadze.