22 May 2024,   17:59
"Maybe with the involvement of the opposition the government will get interested " - Nika Jeiranshvili met with "European Georgia"

Representative of International Organization "Justice International" Nika Jeiranashvili met with the parliamentary minority. He informed the opposition about the ongoing process in the Hague criminal court.

Jeiranashvili estimates that the authorities should take clear steps because the Georgian soldiers, former political leaders and former president of the country might be judged by the Hague Court, because of Salome Zourabichvili"s statements regarding the August war.

"Maybe the government will get interested in this issue and take a little more attention with the opposition"s involvement. At least to achieve that one person would be a representative in the Hague who will follow this topic, "- Nika Jeiranashvili said.