28 March 2023,   13:20
Pre-Election Environment and Facts of Oppression - United Opposition Leaders Meet with Representatives of Diplomatic Corps

The second round of elections, pre-election environment and pressure on opposition supporters. At this moment the leaders of the United Opposition meet the representatives of the diplomatic corps.

Before the meeting, the members of the United Opposition said they would provide information to diplomatic corps on all violations and violence that were observed on the day of elections. According to the opposition members, they will speak about the facts of violence in Akhalkalaki.

"We will discuss three concrete topics of diplomatic corps. First, it is violence, a specific example is Akhalkalaki. Secondly, this is an election date, which was appointed with a huge manipulation of "Georgian Dreams" and the Central Election Commission by its order. We will show diplomats how the laws of Georgia have been violated and we have appealed to the court and the third is the fact of mass bribery, "said Giorgi Vashadze, head of Grigol Vashadze"s election headquarters.

Tinatin Bokuchava, the Secretary of United National Movement faction calls the appointment of the CEC as a political decision. According to Bokuchava, the election administration has performed Bidzina Ivanishvili"s assignment.