25 March 2023,   02:24
Desk lists and mobilization of coordinators - Opposition asserts that "Georgian Dream" is preparing for rigging the second tour

The opposition claims that the ruling party is preparing to falsify the second round of presidential elections, for which the Georgian Dream uses the desk lists which contain the personal data of the voters.

According to their information, the coordinators of the ruling party are trying to find out the voters who did not attend the elections on October 28. According to the opposition, it is necessary to determine their identity in order to make them vote for Salome Zurabishvili in the second round of the presidential election.

Trialeti TV footage shows that coordinators of the "Georgian Dream" have desk lists with photos of the voters at a secret meeting.

Surami Café "Golden Hands" employees confirm that yesterday a closed meeting was held there. According to the locals, the ruling party has unofficial headquarters in the café where the coordinators meet systematically.

The suspicion that the desk lists were withdrawn from the commissions, emerged after the opposition obtained the photo and video material where the open boxes can be seen. Opponents of the government say it is confirmed that the sealed lists were opened. The incident was revealed in Krtsanisi election district.

According to the opposition, another fact of the transfer of the desk lists to coordinators has been revealed in Poti. This is confirmed by a photo of one of the coordinators of "Georgian Dream", which is spread in the social network.

At the precinct N 18 in Kutaisi, "Georgian Dream" Coordinator Asmat Surmava confirms to the "Courier" that the second round of the presidential elections will be further intensified and they started a door to door campaign.

The Central Election Commission argues that the information disseminated by the opposition in relation to the desk lists is not true.