18 January 2022,   23:55
"Georgian Dream" is just a union of liars "- Giorgi Vashadze responds to the initiative of the government about writing off debts

"The Georgian Dream" is a community of liars who have repeatedly cheated the society with its promises, "- the head of the headquarters of the presidential candidate of the United Opposition said at a briefing .

Giorgi Vashadze responded to the initiative of the government, which will pay debts of 600 thousand citizens, in total, half a million GEL from the fund "Cartu" . According to Giorgi Vashadze, "Georgian Dream" has not fulfilled promises after coming to power and will not fulfill this promise.

According to Vashadze, this pledge of the government is absurd and vague .

Giorgi Vashadze reminded the citizens that there is a website Dreammeter.ge, which has the promises to be fulfilled by "Georgian Dream".

"Yesterday they came out with another false promise with which they want to mislead the voters and think that they will try to change the fate of elections. I want to address every citizen of Georgia and say that they are deceiving you again. I am sure that you will not be trapped by the lie that they said yesterday because they have repeatedly tried to deceive you, "- Vashadze said.

According to the initiative of the Government, the debts of the citizens n the so-called black list will be written off for the persons whose loan is less than 2000 GEL. According to the Prime Minister, there are 600,000 citizens in this country and their debt is worth a billion GEL.

The loan will not affect those who have a loan above 2000 GEL. Neither those who have paid a minimum at least once a year or any of those who have a pawn loan or debr ensured by immovable property.