27 October 2020,   15:46
"Contradicts Georgian National Interests" - Opposition criticizes " Alliance of Patriots" visit to Moscow

Leaders of the "Alliance of Patriots" continue their visit to Moscow. They are at a conference organized by the Kremlin and participate in consultations with the representatives of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali occupation regimes. A Leader of the "Alliance of Patriots" started a speech at the Russian Duma with thanking Russia.

The opposition makes critical statements about the visit of " Alliance of Patriots"/ Representatives of the minority claim that it contradicts Georgia"s National Interests.

"This visit, as well as other visits to Moscow, contradicts the national interests of Georgia," Sergo Ratiani said.

Levan Bezhashvili, the member of the political council of United National Movement made a statement about the visit as well. According to him, "Alliance of Patriots" repeats the government"s statements.

"Alliance of Patriots," which supports Salome Zurabichvili in this election campaign, practically reiterates the government"s narrative that Russia is not an occupant, "said Levan Bezhashvili.